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My name is Lacey and obviously yes, I have diabetes. Up until now I have been very quiet about my diabetes in the virtual world, I do not post about in on facebook and sometimes dislike even talking about it. I am not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me or think diabetes defines who I am, it is simply a part of who I am. My goal with this blog is to show how I live as a 24yr old type1 diabetic. This does not mean this is how all people live with their diabetes, just me. Most importantly I have learned talking about all of the ups and downs helps and is somewhat therapeutic.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


November 20, 2010 was the day life as I know it completely changed.  My suspicions were confirmed with lab work and blood tests, at the age of 23 I was a newly diagnosed diabetic, this day would become what I now call my Diabetic Birthday.  It may sound silly to celebrate a day where sweets became somewhat forbidden from your life and poking your finger multiple times a day was now normal, but for me, finding anything positive out of this disease is just another "win" for me.   Therefore as of today, I am now a 2yr old type 1 diabetic at the age of 25.  Last year on this day, I sat around grumpy, and emotional and ate a bag of oreos to celebrate... I dont even like oreos. lol Today, I dont necessarily have any huge plans, I am however sporting my hot pink t-shirt from Candyopololis that says "I am the sweetest thing in here" along with my new bracelet I had hand stamped for myself that says "Refuse to Sink 11.20.10"  I ordered the bracelet for myself for my "diabetic birthday" I thought "ehh what better way to celebrate!?"

So, today as I look at this second year as a diabetic I think about everything that has happened in my diabetes world.   There have been some major ups and downs but I think anyone's year would contain the same emotional roller coaster diabetic or not.

Me sporting my pump with Sami after a soccer game! 

I would have to say obtaining my new best friend, my insulin pump would be the most important and life changing diabetic even in the last year.  After being on multiple, shots, I finally was able to say goodbye to the syringes and injection pens and hello to the twice a week jab of my infusion set.  In a lot of ways life has been so much easier with the pump, no taking shots in public, or in front of strangers and giving myself insulin is so much more accessible therefore I give myself more insulin which overall controls my sugars better.

Me and my clear pump

Finally having somewhat better control with the pump means a lot more insulin which also means a tad bit of weight gain.  Since I first started insulin I have gained approximately 30lbs.  I am not happy about the weight gain and have actually felt as if I am in better shape than I was 30lbs lighter.  I started walking with some co-workers towards the end of the summer and even started running a bit.  I participated in my first 5k on Labor Day, and really enjoyed challenging myself.... running with a pump however was not a dream come true... my pump would weigh my shorts down therefore I would have to hold on to it as I ran.  We also participated in another 5k in October.  I may have gained some weight but I feel as if I am in much better shape than I was a year ago, with the holidays approaching, I should probably get back to work and back in the gym so the sweets, dont kick my but too much!

Some of my hospital family and I before our Labor Day 5k

Halee and I before our "Monster Dash" 5k

This last year I have tried to be a lot more open and positive about my diabetes, I submitted a "diabetic tip" and was published in "Diabetes Living" and I submitted my Halloween story to "Diabetes Daily" where they published my story and picture which received almost 400 "likes" The comments and positive thoughts from people I didn't even know was overwhelming.

My picture that was published on Diabetes Daily's facebook page. 

I believe in the last year I have grown in many ways as a diabetic, there are still some days of denial but overall I am much more accepting of this disease.  I have tried to get "out of the box" and become more open about my life in general.  There is still a fear that people are judging me and assuming I have diabetes because I simply ate too much chocolate, but I try not to think of "those people" at all.  God didn't just decide one day that my life was too easy and I needed another battle, he gave me this disease for a reason, somedays are easier to see than others but there is a purpose, that I know.

So, to make this post relatively "short" for me anyways I would like to just say "Thanks!" to all of the important people in my life that have held my hand throughout a lot of my daily struggles, I am such a lucky lady to have so much support and love from many people, I would be lost without each and everyone of you.  Now... I have to go and CELEBRATE! :)

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